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Sadun : Un pilote heureux au Sri Lanka

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Nous avons eu la joie de pouvoir envoyer pour la première fois un équipement au Sri Lanka.

Sadun nous fait part de sa joie et de son enthousiasme suite à la réception de son aile Ozone Mojo

Il n’avait plus de matériel depuis un accident sans gravité qui a rendu son ancien équipement inutilisable.

Dear sir,

Have a good day.  I hope you are fine.  The weather in Sri Lanka is still bad.  Therefore cannot fly.  But I want to thank you.  I was hoping to thank you on the fly.  But I don’t know how long it will take.  So thank you very much for the precious donation you gave for me.  I will always remember you and Malik as we fly on the wing that was given.  If Malin had not linked you to me, I would not have a wing today.  Thank you all so much for the great sacrifices your team makes for flyers around the world.  I use this wing carefully as if it were a part of my body.  I promise you that.

In fact, we meet only a handful of beautiful people in our lives.  It is truly a blessing to meet someone like you among them.  So one day you can come to Sri Lanka and fly with us.  Come and enjoy the beauty of Sri Lanka.  I invite you.

Thank you again…❤️❤️