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Pakistan : Zulfiqar a reçu son matériel #2

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Zulfiqar a reçu son package parapente complet.

Voici le message initial que nous avions reçu de sa part :

Hi, My name is Zulfiqar Ali and I am from Hunza. It is famous for ice capped and towering mountains, located in the northern part of Pakistan. I am very passionate about paragliding. It is my dream to land on the summits of all the beautiful mountains around me. Unfortunately, due to lack of instructors and flying equipment, we are not able to learn paragliding professionally. Due to limited resources, it is our compulsion to use an old wing for (1991 model, six six 25) flying. Flying with that wing is like a planned suicide. We have recently started a paragliding club to promote paragliding in our region. Learning paragliding without proper flying equipment is very disappointing . So, I was wondering if there is any way you can provide us a small package of 2nd hand flying equipment. Thank you so much! May love and wisdom always be with you! Warm regards, Zulfiqar Ali.

Grâce à nos généreux donateurs et à nos partenaires réviseurs, il a reçu les équipements dont il rêvait !

Aile Niviuk NK1 révisée, sellette airbag Supair, secours révisé, casque, vario, radio Icom et sac de portage.

Bons vols Zulfiqar !