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Branko a reçu son matériel

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Après plusieurs mois de blocage par la douane monténégrine, notre ami Branko a enfin pu recevoir son équipement complet (Voile Ozone Vibe, sellette Supair, secours Sky, etc.). Voici le message qu’il nous  a envoyé uite à la réception de son colis :


I just want to send you that I have received the equipment. The customs help for very long time because they did not want to accept your mails as a proof of giftlater, they did and now the equipment is in my possesion. I want to thank you for your generosity. I am veery happy that I will start learning paragliding, and I allready had one session with my friend. Once again thanks both you and Dusan for the oportunity to start this wonderful sport.

Branko Djukic