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Novembre 2021 – Monténégro

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Voici le témoignage que nous avons reçu de Radun, jeune pilote Monténégrain après qu’il ait reçu son matériel :

Hello Philippe,

I Radun cannot explain my gratitude to you and your organisation “Ailes Pour Eux” that provided me the equipment to learn, study and make progress at this marvelous sport. Thanks to good people like you are now I can make my dreams real and improve my skils to the greater level. I hope that I will rise at this sport and make it my lifestyle. Of course helping me with this you will also help a lot of other young men that dream to do so. I hope to get as many people interesting in this sport. I also have a special thanks to your companion Dusan Stevovic who played a very big role in this cooperation between us. Without him this would not be achieved for me. Once again THANK YOU ALL for good things you do everyday for me and for other future pilots that will became because of you. Hoping that maybe one day we will meet and fly together if GOD will it.