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Octobre 2021 – Pakistan

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Témoignage reçu de la part de Noman, au Paksitan :

Hi Philippe,

I hope this email finds you well.

Last Sunday I went to a small Ridge to test fly the wing for the first time by myself however my instructor did fly it one time at another location on my request before I tried.

I took 2 flights on the wing and I loved it. This wing flys well and responds beautifully but I yet have to test it on higher altitude.

As promised, I will never sell this wing. I am happy I have a better wing to fly.

I am also very thankful to your organisation for their input and support.

When I go flying in high altitude, I will again make a better video but for now plz check this video of me flying this wing.

Thank you and kind Regards

Noman Raees

Islamabad, Pakistan

Suite… Quelques jours plus tard, Noman nous a envoyé cette nouvelle vidéo :